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Ithaka is building an ecosystem for travel, centered around the a simple, intuitive chat based interface. It is your free, personal travel assistant. They help travelers right from choosing locations, making itineraries, curating experiences to their time in-destination.

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Ithaka is a unique product with a very different value proposition unlike others in the domain. Ithaka helped travelers plan their trip according to their interests with the help of a human travel assistant(community expert). Unfortunately this wasn't getting conveyed properly in terms of their vision and value proposition where they were perceived as another run of the mill travel agency. Ithaka had a model like Airbnb where they had the customer who is personalizing his/her trip on the app while a community expert who is curating the trip for the customer. The challenge for Ithaka was to communicate the vision and mission to both these sets of people with the help of language and content, helping them differentiate them from a travel agency hence leading to more trips getting planned and more people signing up for the community program.
We started off with an extensive 10 page briefing session with the stakeholders of Ithaka. This brief helped us understand the current problem, the mission, vision statement, the user personas on both the traveler as well as the community side. This brief also helped us zero down on the brand archetype thereby helping how the brand needs to be portrayed going forward. We also cracked the demographic of their target audience and the various user types for the community and the traveler side and understood their aspirations from the platform.
Next, we mapped the way users interacted with the app with a process flow and rectified the drop off points. We defined the process flow for the community experts leading to more sign-ups for the program. Lastly, we defined visual guidelines and the tonality for the brand.
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