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NH7 Weekender is an annual, multi-city music festival in India. The festival is noted for its divergent artistic lineup and hosts a large number of established and emerging local artists alongside major international acts.

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NH7 Weekender has over 200 artists performing at the festival out of which more than 50% are artists that are not popular with the masses. The unfamiliarity of these bands leads to a confusing user experience and ultimately leads to a drop in sales of the festival. Our challenge was to familiarize the audience with these artists and create a smooth experience throughout.
We started by understanding the need and expectations from the bot. Post this, we mapped how a user/customer would interact with the bot, what would be the trigger for it. We wanted to streamline the customer experience for a new as well as an existing fan of the festival once they landed on the NH7 Weekender Facebook page. The bot helped in aligning the expectations of its users by giving them a taste of the music that can be expected in the festival and helping them take a much informed decision.

It was a pleasure working with PaperPencil and their team, with their speed, efficiency and interest in ensuring that the music bot was executed well. They completed the project proactively and ensured that maintenance was carried off without a hitch as well.

- Divya Ramesh,
Marketing Manager, OML.

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