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Savsol Lubricants owned by Savita Oil Technologies is a leader in the lubricant and engine oil segment in India. Its parent company, Savita is a publicly listed company with revenues of over 1000 crores.

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Savsol, a product leader since 2007, revamped its branding to portray the brand as a modern brand to the wide range of its customers. It came up with the concept of Green Performer showcasing their vision as a environment friendly and performance efficient company. The challenge was to create a web experience that was in line with the new branding and its expectations while also familiarizing the audience with The Green Performer as the mascot of Savsol. The website should stay with the times, help in expanding their audience while retaining the old ones as well as portray the brand as one with good service with a good image.
Our team approached this by upgrading the brand's visual appeal by developing a design language in harmony with the mascot. We used a combination of illustrations and custom iconography to extend the overall look and feel of the website. We realized that the biggest challenge was making the brand identify with the mascot. Green Performer should be synonymous with Savsol and visa-versa. Hence, it was important to familiarize the customer with the mascot and make them understand that the mascot is same as the brand they love. We kept subtle touch points throughout the website about the new identity and Green Performer which added to the overall recall value.
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