Our Process

You're never too late or never too early to trust the nourishment of your beloved product to a product development studio.

Have a look at our entire process to see how we work our magic, and see where you fit in.


We dive deep into data and find the ultimate treasure - the need of the product.

1. Understanding the Business:

We understand the company, its goals and expectations from the project.

2. Market Study:

We understand the product's market, it's competitors and thereby map its feasibility against it.

3. User Study:

We understand the product's users, their motivators and their behavior to help us better understand the target audience.


We interpret data from the discovery phase and craft the way forward for the product such that it aligns with its design and business goals.

1. Problem Statement:

We define the issues addressed by the product as well as the key performance indicators of the project.

2. Information Architecture:

We organize the content to instinctively make users perform a desired action.

3. User Journey:

We map how different types of users are going to interact with the product.


It's all about crafting a story line, showing emotions rationally. Basis our user study, product mapping is done keeping emotional, psychological and intellectual attributes intact.

1. Wire-frames:

We lay the skeleton for the product. This is made prioritizing functionality, usability and content thereby fueling imagination and helping in visualization of the final product.

2. Visual Design:

The wire-frames come alive as visually appealing elements like color and content are added purposes evoking reactions.

3. Prototyping:

A mock-up is created for testing and feedback .


The designs are bought to life here. The designs are converted into interfaces such that the user can interact with it.

1. UI Framework:

We choose the optimum framework keeping our needs and KPIs in mind.

2. Interactions:

Interactions are implemented for the wow-factor and improve the aesthetic look and feel.

3. Deployment:

The product is tested in the real environment to check for bugs.

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